Brand And Positioning Of Adidas

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Adidas is one of the most popular shoe brands in not only the U.S., but around the world as well. Adidas is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories. It was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924 and it became popular after being sponsored by the Olympics. Adidas is a brand that was built on a passion of sports and a sports lifestyle. Adidas has achieved many successful marketing campaigns that has contributed to the continued success of the company.
Adidas Brand and Positioning Adidas is a consumer focused sports brand that represents high quality products with innovative designs. Their mission is to provide the best products that take in to account the quality, look, feel, and image
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One broadcasting marketing tactic this year was Adidas “Take It” ad. It is a T.V. ad that shows multiple sports such as, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and volley ball. The ad has women and men sports players both professional and at school level. It is an inspirational ad encouraging their audience to not worry about the past and take the moment that they have in the now. The problem with this ad was that it was for only one audience, which was the sports audience. Adidas has grown into more than just a sports brand, they have fitness, and some fashion products that were not taken into consideration when making the ad. Another issues was that the idea was unoriginal and many people wanted something fresh and …show more content…
During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Adidas set-up their “All in or nothing” campaign so that it was perfectly aligned with Twitters media. They asked fans if they were #allin by adding the hashtag to their promotions. This was one of their most successful marketing strategies last year. On Facebook they have multiple pages for different audiences. For example, there are separate pages for “Adidas Football”, “Adidas Rugby”, and “Adidas Basketball”. Creating separate pages allows the brand to market information and promotions that best fit each audience. Their Instagram is not only used to market their products but also to generate brand awareness. Recently Adidas posted a picture of a secret shoe that looks to be going through testing, and in the description Adidas wrote, “The speed you want, created as fast as you want it. The SPEEDFACTORY has been activated. Stay tuned.”(Adidas Instagram), this gives the audience anticipation and a reason to keep coming to the page. They are informing their consumers of a new product, persuading them by list the new speed feature, and telling them “to stay tuned” reminds them that later on they should look out for the new

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