Bram Stoker 's A Time Of Superstition And Suffrage Essay

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In a time of superstition and suffrage, Bram Stoker weaves a captivating story about sex, lust, and evil with his classic novel Dracula. Breaking all the rules and beliefs of the era, Stoker creates a character that would make every mother hide her daughter. Using representation, he gives an example of how two women try to live a life of purity in a world of lust and sexuality. He takes the wisdom of the “scientific, sceptical, mater-of-fact nineteenth century” (216) man and puts it to trial with the immortal power of a vampire. In a curious style of writing, the journals of several characters are combined to describe this gothic horror story.
Using the era’s rules and beliefs on how different genders should act, Stoker creates Count Dracula as an exact opposite character of the modern person. When the Count moves to London and throws the citizens into a series of mysterious events, several friends come together to stop the evil force that endangers their lives. Using their knowledge and open mindedness, these doctor friends combine their unique skills in an effort to discover why people have mysteriously died without cause. Crazy ideas become a grim reality of death and destruction of the human body. In their quest for knowledge, they strengthen their friendship and faith. Stoker chills his audience with this gripping tale that leaves them wrapping garlic wreaths around their necks before they go to bed. He successfully accomplishes describing a hair raising…

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