Brain Disorders, Neuropathic Deficits, And Dysfunction Essay

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Brain disorders, Neuropathic Deficits, and dysfunction In the realm of criminology the most commonly connected and associated field of study is psychology. In many serial killers, and other offenders of heinous crimes, the offender has displayed some form of severe antisocial personality disorder (Brain & Violence: Secrets of Your Mind, 2010). However, some claim that genetic deficits or physiological/psychological disorders are responsible for their actions. Recent evidence has led to several specific causes of violent behaviors: psychological predisposition, physiological, genetic, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The question is whether or not there is a scientific basis to their defense. Since the time of “Jack the Ripper” all the way till Ted Bundy, Charles Whitman, John Wayne Gacey, and others of the like psychologist have struggled to narrow down the exact cause(s) of why people “do what they do” (Brain & Violence: Secrets of Your Mind, 2010). Laymen and professionals alike attribute gruesome crimes such as violent murder, serial murder/rape, and some acts linked to terrorism to psychopathy (Mellen & Mellen, 2013). Psychopaths are typically described as displaying a continuous pattern of antisocial personality behaviors such as lack of empathy, lack of remorse, inability to experience emotion, and inability to self-regulate or postpone gratification (DeLisi, 2013). These psychological attributes allow psychopaths to act out in ways that normal socialized…

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