Brain Dead, But Still Alive Essay

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Brain dead, but still alive. That is how a 33 year old pregnant woman was being forced to “live”. Marlise Munoz was pronounced brain dead at 14 weeks pregnant after suffering from a blood clot in her lungs. Though Ms. Munoz was legally dead and her family’s wishes were to stop treatment, she was to remain on life support until her baby could be delivered by a cesarean delivery. It was ruled two months later by a state district judge that Ms. Munoz was to be removed from life support because the law prohibiting “removal of life-sustaining treatment to a pregnant woman” didn’t apply in this case because she was already legally dead. At this point Ms. Munoz was 22 weeks pregnant and the fetus was not viable, as well as having suffered from hydrocephalus, a possible heart condition, and the lower extremities were deformed. This poses the question of is it morally permissible for the government to determine the fate and well-being of a patient over the rights of the patients family? It’s important to understand the difference in arguments and which acts of euthanasia are in question. To clarify this, active euthanasia is when the patient is unable to “pull the plug” themselves so the doctor administers the medication to end their life on their behalf. Passive euthanasia is the choosing of the patient to refuse treatment or the removal of treatment from a patient who no longer wants it. These are often confused with physicians assisted suicide which is when a physician supplies…

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