Bradley Manning: Hero Or Convict?

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Register to read the introduction… When he went into the military, he took an oath of office. Nowhere in the oath was it stated to let the American people know what actually occurred within the military. Manning leaked sensitive documents without authorization. These classified documents got into the hands of the enemies of the United States; therefore, he aided the enemy. He disclosed the documents with full knowledge of knowing what he did. This not only caused significant damage to the United States military but the United States and each citizen. The government is still trying to repair some damage. He violated the law in the worst way by being a custodian of classified documents and then taking it upon himself to think world need to be informed of these situations. Many people on a day to day basis work with very personal and sensitive documents. Many times you sign a form stating work information stays at work. Also, a person has his or her ethical values they live by each and every day. They keep the sensitive information private. For instance, I work at a local CPA firm. During tax season, I e-filed or mailed many thousands of tax returns. Never would I dreams of dumping the information on the internet for the world to see because I want them to know how much money some rich people or how might use the tax codes to their advantage to pay less taxes. Bradley Manning knew exactly what he was doing and it is not a precedent that we as a nation should establish as the right thing to do. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Manning abused his first amendment freedom of speech. When I first started researching this case I did not know much about it, but what little bit I did know it was apparent he should prosecuted accordingly. However, upon research it bothers me what this will do to our freedom of speech in journalism and on the internet. In the future whistleblowers or

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