Essay on Bradley Manning: Hero or Convict?

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Bradley Manning: Hero or Convict?
The Bradley Manning case is something that I had heard a few passing comments about but I was not familiar with the case facts at all. The hot headlines of the press are what I usually tend to avoid because it always seems like they twist and turn the facts just to get a hot hitting story. Also, this is a high profile case that there are no in between commentators for. There are two sides to this national scandal. First you are either all for Manning because you believe he is a hero and being punished to strictly or you think he is a terrible person and deserves everything he has gotten plus more. Manning is accused of sending more than 700,000 diplomatic and military secrets to the whistle-blowing
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We have a country that is built on the freedom of speech. Also, our country believes in government accountability and informed citizens. However, it does appear from the documents that leaked that our government found need not to inform us of much military activity. Also, if Mr. Manning is found guilty this could affect future journalists and whistleblowers. They would not come forward with needed information that we the people need and our government felt the need to keep us uninformedFreedom of speech, which covers freedom on the internet and in journalism, is an important part of our Constitution. There should not be a penalty for employees or servicemen that try to keep the world informed of such valuable and important information. If Manning is found guilty this will affect the Freedom of Speech in our country for countless years. Whistle blowers are needed since our government is so enormous and very secretive and non-transparent on military actions. Many people will be frightened to step forward with information that could valuable because they would be scared of being unjustly punished. This case is a relentless attack on free speech; therefore, Manning should not be found in this area to protect Americans freedom of speech for years to come.
Bradley Manning had a responsibility in the military to protect the national interest. When he went into the military, he took an oath of office. Nowhere in the oath was it stated to let the American

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