Bradbury A Real Time Machine Analysis

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hat tools does Bradbury use to create meaning? Bradbury used three different writing tools as you can see when reading these short stories("The Pedestrian," "TWCSR," "A sound of thunder," and "The Veldt"). Bradbury used Characterization, personification, and in addition repetition. He used characterization to explain the plot of the story by explaining how everything looked thru the characters eyes. He used personification to give objects human like abilities, and that brought much interest into his short stories.Lastly,Bradbury also used repetition, by mentioning technology in all four short stories he wrote. Bradbury represented technology as a poor invention.In all of his works he tends to makes technology look terrible. And in the readers …show more content…
This tool allowed him to mention technology multiple times and explain it and show the pros/cons of technology. This is another example of repetition but from a different short story that Bradbury wrote "A sound of thunder" he has a character say,""Unbelievable."Eckels breathed, the light of the Machine on his thin face. "A real Time Machine." This is repetition because, Bradbury has things in his works that are unreal and have not ever been invented, its technology. But, once again this example of repetition of technology is not good.. Bradbury also used an example of repetition here in this short story "Hello, in there," he whispered to every house on every side as he moved. "What 's up to-night on Channel 4, Channel 7, and Channel 9? Where are the cowboys rushing, and do I see the United States Cavalry over the next hill to rescue?" From the story "The Pedestrian" And in this story there 's no personification but, there 's a little bit of characterization and repetition as you seen from the quote. He shows characterization by placing a character walking the streets at night all alone in a city of 3 million people but never running into nobody for years. And this example is also repetition, Bradbury mentioned technology again. Nobody comes outside because they are too busy with technology. Bradbury shows in all four stories that technology is a mind controlling invention. It shows that nobody does what they are supposed to when they have technology. This happens in Bradbury 's short stories and in the real world, technology has it 's good side and it 's bad

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