Essay Bp Oil Spill

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On April 20, 2010 the BP licensed Transocean deep water drilling rig exploded, killing 11 people and injuring another 17.Roughly, 4.9 million barrels of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 subsequent days. Days after the accident British Petroleum’s stock dropped by 2% due to stockholders worries of cleanup costs and upcoming legal claims. In order to mitigate the damage done to their image BP created a new portion of their website called the “Gulf of Mexico Restoration.” BP wanted to show the public that it was doing everything possible to restore the Gulf of Mexico’s local economy and environment to what it was before the accident. To show its commitment to cleaning up the Gulf, BP uses statistics showing how it is putting full …show more content…
By using this strategy BP is showing the public that it actually cares about the recovery and is willing to put a large sum of money into the restoration. Throughout the restoration portion of the website BP uses favorable wording to help mitigate blame and to show their portion of the cleanup positively. BP used Transocean as a scapegoat to avoid taking the blame. Under the “How we responded” paragraph, BP starts off by saying “We have acted to take responsibility”. By saying this BP is trying to show that the accident was not its fault it is still taking the responsibly to clean up the Gulf. BP is trying to distance itself from fault of the accident. At no point in this portion of the website did BP accept the blame for what happened on the oil rig. There were other reports stating that this accident could have been avoided, “Had BP's well site leaders brought their faulty explanation of the test results to either of the visiting engineers, "events likely would have turned out differently" (Zelman). The website also includes a “BP in America” campaign to show that even though BP is a British company, it still cares about America. This was done so that Americans know that BP cares about America as much as it cares about Britain. Without this campaign people would have started to question the commitment to America and its environment. The public could have looked

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