Bp Oil Spill Essay

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Since April of 2010, BP Oil Company has been working to repair the damages of an oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Do Something, an environmental website, have reported the death and injury of 28, more than 8,000 animals dead within six months, and 16,000 miles of coastline pollution (11 Facts about the BP Oil Spill). Many accounts blame this catastrophe on BP’s neglect to properly build and maintain machinery. Several clean up workers and fisherman have been affected due to this oil spill (Reed 35). People living near the coast line has been affected due to polluted air and water. Many children had been sick and they had problem breathing fresh air. BP’s ways of “cutting corners” are a point of interest when …show more content…
In an act to save money, BP became the face of a disaster. During a confrontation between BP’s chief executive, Tony Hayward, and congress Hayward ensured the disaster “never should have happened [but that] we are unwavering in our commitment to fulfil all our responsibilities”(Moynihan). Although his statement is reassuring, it does not solve the issue that due to poor decision making in BP’s management caused the death of workers and wildlife. Concluding that the blown-out well was a result of the concrete job being done the way it was, BP diverts the blame to this step during construction. Doing so simply leads back to the question of why the company would rather risk a nearly irreversible mistake than expend money and a small amount of time.
In efforts to stop the oil spill, BP tried many new approaches hoping to slow down or stop the flow of oil (Reed 38). BP used dispersants underwater to try to keep the oil from the shore, but BP had no idea how it would affect the environment. No tests were ever done to see if they were toxic. According to BP’s Statistics, the company used 30,000 gallons of dispersants in the Gulf, not knowing what impact it would have in the environment. The environment was also affected because of this tragic accident. There was air pollution due to the burning of the oil for three consecutive days. The crude oil released methane, containing

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