Bp Oil Spill Essay

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Tori Banegas
World Geography
29 February 2012
BP Oil Spill

Oil rigs provide the world with the fuel that is needed to keep it running. However, it is common knowledge that they may potentially cause harm to not only living creatures but also the environment they rely on to survive. This was proven in the spring of 2010 when an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico exploded and resulted in an oil spill. This catastrophic event opened millions of eyes to the errors that can be found in the way oil rigs are set up. It also caused people to take a closer look at whose responsibility it is to make sure all the safety codes and procedures are being followed before a drilling plan in approved. The BP disaster not only drew people’s attention to
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Every few years though, we experience large spills that are difficult to handle. Aside from strengthening our regulation on the engineering of oil rigs, oil spills may also be avoided by strengthening the way drilling plans are authorized and who is actually in charge of them. While Deepwater Horizon was owned by BP, it had been leased to Transocean, the world’s largest offshore drilling company, and being run by Halliburton, the world’s second largest oilfield service corporation. It was also the responsibility of the Bush administration who originally sold the lease in 2007 and the Obama administration who approved it in 2009. This was done despite BP’s less than ideal environmental and safety record.
However, the BP oil catastrophe cannot be blamed solely on those who allowed the plan to happen; there are also governmental agencies such as the Minerals Management Service, who are responsible for overseeing the operation and ensuring that the safety regulations are met. It has been questioned whether or not some of these agencies actually did their job. In one study performed by Robert Bea, an engineering professor at the University of California found that 80 percent of errors are related to “human and organizational” errors. The study also found that half of those errors are in the engineering design (Bea). These findings lead one to wonder whether something was overlooked by accident or if those in authority simply didn’t care enough to take the risks

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