Essay about Boyz N The Hood - Overview And Thesis

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Intro (100 words) overview and thesis:
“Boyz N the Hood” takes place in South Central Los Angeles, 1984 which depicts the harsh realities of living in the hood. Hoods or slums can be a living area described as overcrowded, inadequate living and infrastructure that usually have higher activities of gang violence, drug distribution and poverty. The film shows a group of young boys who live in the same neighborhood, and experience the same hardships due to their surroundings. Some fall into the violence, while others know the consciences of their actions. Tre Styles, Doughboy, and Ricky are the main characters, the movie goes through their life starting as little kids to grown teenagers. This analysis will go on about how social dimensions in the hood impact these kids from a young age and how low income is not the only contribution to poverty. Dysfunctional families, lack of social opportunities and gentrification are all additional elements to a growth of increasing hoods/slums.
1st Body (250 words) summary, state themes, main storyline:
The beginning of the film, starts off with the first basic components which is the current school curriculum. In a classroom where Tre Styles as a child, challenges his female white teacher’s teaching style, he gets upset that there is no conversation of black people in history. The lack of black education in the curriculum causes him to feel disconnected from the school system, as do many of the other children. Tre is then sent to the…

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