Essay on Boys Won 't Always Be Boys

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Boys Won’t Always be “Boys” Growing up as a boy in America today you are expected to do masculine things like playing sports, watching “boyish” shows and liking girls. It is programmed into our brains from the minute we are born that masculinity is good and femininity is bad; when it comes to the way we should be acting. From the minute we get wrapped up in that blue blanket society is telling us that pink is not for you, that’s for the girls. I used the Kuleshov effect in the film project to demonstrate how the dominant culture in America frowns upon young boys acting feminine and praises young boys that fit into the role of the masculine male. In the Kuleshov effect film I decided to use an image of Kanye West smiling after showing a photo of a boy doing things socially accepted. I also included a photo of Kanye West frowning after every image of a boy not falling into his heteronormative role in society. This is a perfect representation of many, not all, fathers and the way they praise their sons when they are masculine and sometimes think lower of them when they are not. The song Beautiful playing in the background is there to be contradictory just like many people are hypocritical. Many children are told to be themselves but when being themselves doesn’t fit into the dominant culture of the heteronormative male they are out casted when in reality there is a beauty in them being themselves; even if that means they don’t fit in the binary we’ve constructed. There is a…

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