Essay about Boys vs. Girls

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An Analysis of Katha Pollitt's "Girls Against Boys?" The article titled "Girls Against Boys," published in the 30 January issue of The Nation magazine by author Katha Pollitt, brings to light pressing issues of gender discrimination and how this nation's education system has changed over the past forty years but still isn't up to par with where it needs to be with issues of gender equality. Pollitt exposes the views of conservatives toward feminism in the school systems of today. This article describes how changes in society are taking place, and what the future may hold for men and women in the world of employment and education. Pollitt begins with the mention of equal-access admissions instituted in 1975 which leads into how the …show more content…
Next, Pollitt moves on toward the views of Michael Gurian, Kate O'Beirne, and Christina Hoff Summers where the three blame the increase in college bound girls on things like too many female teachers, too much sitting quietly, not enough sports and a feminist-friendly curriculum that forces boys to read books by women. Pollitt brings up this point to reinforce her view on how conservatives feel about feminism in school by tying in the thoughts of Gurian, O'Beirne and Summers to Gilder's comments. The fourth paragraph begins with listing the reading assignments the author's daughter was assigned during junior high and high school. She shows that only one book on the list for junior high was written by a woman and only three on the high school list were written by women. This is written in response to the comments made by conservatives in the last paragraph about the feminist-friendly curriculum being the reason that more females are attending college. This is used to dissuade the readers from thinking that the school curriculum is the reason that male participation in college is down. Pollitt then states that conservatives believe that boys should be taught in a cross between boot camp and Treasure Island, hinting back to the comments made by Gurian, O'Beirne and Summers that schools

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