Boys And Girls Club Case Study

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1. Boys and Girls club only costs 10 dollars a year to join. Making this organization a cheap and easy way to for a child to be involved in the community.
2. There are multiple buildings making Boys and Girls Club easily found and easily available. Also, more buildings equal more staff members to help with the children involved in the program.
3. Boys and Girls club is for all kids. Diversity is something that they always encourage to better broaden the experiences a member might have.
4. The organization will go around schools informing students to join the organization to better them and get them more active in the community.
2. Weaknesses
1. A stigma seems to be stuck with this club that it is only for poor kids. They are trying to recruit
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Boys and girls club always has to deal with worrying if they will have enough funds to keep their program running.
2. Their competitors would by places like the YMCA, Boy Scouts, and Girl scouts. Those organizations attract a lot of kids that could have gone to the boys and girls club.
3. Boys and girls club reputation is always at threat as well. If they have one bad egg out of their volunteers it could reflect badly on the organization. For instance if a volunteer has been abusive physically or mentally that will fall on the whole organization.
4. If there has been a bad accident like a child getting hurt under a Boys and Girls Club volunteer then their reputation would also be ruined.
5. Matching Strengths to Opportunities/Converting Weakness and Threats
1. A weakness is if they slip up once like say a bad volunteer then their reputation has been hurt, but on the other hand if whoever hires the volunteers keeps hiring the correct volunteers then their reputation is known as good and consistent.
2. Sometimes with the lack of funds it can be hard to get an event going with the Boys and Girls club, but if they start marketing to raise money to more people then everyone will be more aware of the situation and people might become more interested in putting their own kids in the
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Promotion: According to the National Outcomes Report in 2014, kids from the Boys and Girls Club of America demonstrate more success in both academic and social settings compared to non-club members. Boys and Girls Club is serving 3.7 million customers and majority of them through membership or through community outreach. The population of the members is also increasing due to their outstanding community outreach projects such as volunteering. Therefore, Boys and Girls Club should use their funding to develop more community projects that help the neighborhood and also publishing success stories of the members in

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