Boy Meets Depression : Or Life Sucks And Then You Live By Kevin Breel

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The novel, Boy Meets Depression: Or Life Sucks and Then You Live by Kevin Breel is an autobiography depicting Breel’s struggles with mental health. In the book, Breel discusses everything from his family life, to high school, to depression. He was not afraid to tell of his darkest moments to the audience, but instead brings them to the light for everyone to see. He encourages readers to seek out those with troubles like he had and attempt to help them in any way possible. Boy Meets Depression begins with Breel writing about his home life as a child. He does not have it easy: his parents are cold toward each other, his dad is an alcoholic, and his sister is almost never home with him to help him through all of this. But, he had never experienced anything different, so he assumes its normal. As Kevin grows older, he begins to ponder the inner conflict he feels growing inside him. He realizes that he has his own opinion of himself, while he also has the one that others place on him. This causes a great confusion, where Kevin starts to confuse one for the other. As bullies in his school torment him constantly, he gives in to their comments and feels that others’ thoughts are more important than his own. This is where he initially moves toward depression. After switching schools, Kevin finally finds a true friend in school. Jordan McGregor is the new light at the end of Kevin’s tunnel, and for once in his life, Kevin feels happy when he is around his new friend. The author…

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