Boxing: True Or False Sport Boxing Deadly?

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Boxing… Deadly?
Boxing is a very intense sport Boxing is one of the only sports left where the goal is to move the opponent closer to death. There are other dangerous sports besides boxing. If you look up the stats Football and automobile racing has athletes suffering from serious injuries every year and health problems down the road. Boxing is intense its sole purpose is to continually beat the other man down until you hear a bell. Boxing is considered a sport even though it requires no teamwork and is all about self promotion. Still a lot of things have changed since the earliest recorded boxing in third century BCE. The world is a much different place but this sport for the most part has remained the same. There are two sides to the argument whether boxing is positive or not one side being that boxing is a blessing to a lot of people. It has helped youth in poverty find a
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The other side of the argument is that boxing is far too dangerous and it is sending our youth down the wrong path in life. In order to get the best outlook on things let’s start with the history. The first ever recorded boxing match was on January 6th 1681. In Britain the sport took baby steps for the next couple hundred years even being banned in some areas. Ultimately the peak of the sport was in the 1900,s when the great boxers came along. Rocky Marciano was arguably one of the greatest fighters ever. He was overall a soft spoken man but still holds the best record in the sport Marciano retired early at 31 to spend time with his family He left boxing 49-0 with 43 knockouts! Then of course there are more controversial fighters like Muhammad Ali and

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