Bowman V Fels Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… However, this point acts in conflict with the judgment made by Judge Cowell in this case of Bowman v Fels. Judge Cowell concluded that there was no proper reasoning as to why Bowman’s solicitors could not enclose reasons for seeking an adjournment while in the meantime taking the right efforts to prepare for trial even before being granted permission by the NCIS.
While I do acknowledge the reasoning behind Dame Elizabeth’s take on it, I have to agree with Lord Cowell’s approach here that unless it is stated that it is
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For example, we may tend to ask ourselves the underlying question of what happens regarding legal advice outside the contemplation of the said litigation. Besides stumbling upon the fact that parties who wish to seek litigation would fall outside section 328, what would happen then to parties who look for advice on things like how to organise their affairs through pre-nuptial agreements? It would be hard to imagine that they would be caught by this section. The chance that an authorised disclosure would arise by the defence of privilege to a statutory legal profession is quite

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