Bowling Is Not A Sport Essay

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Many people believe bowling is not a sport because they see it as something you do on a Friday night with a bunch of friends while drinking alcoholic beverages. Although these people do not see many of the youth and adult bowlers getting up early on Saturday morning and traveling out of state to different tournaments every weekend. This sport has so much to offer, if people would actually take the time to look into it they could actually start winning scholarship money or even cash money. This sport provides an outlet for the youth to meet new friends and become more confident in themselves after they improve their average every month. This sport can allow the adult bowlers to make this a job every weekend, so they can bring home some extra …show more content…
This is every bowler’s dream to make it big and have a sponsor pay for all their equipment and tournament entries. There are a lot of different types of contracts that a professional bowler can obtain. Pro staff members get all of their equipment, tournament fees, and hotel fees paid by their sponsorship.(CITE) A company will always want their product to be out there while bowling in competition. A company will always try to come out the best equipment possible to make bowlers compete with the best in the world.Sometimes bowling will become their full time job, and this is what every bowler would love to do for a career. There are a lot of championship tournaments that they have to participate in and they have to finish in the top percentile. During these tournaments you can earn a lot of money, and some of these tournaments are shark, cheetah, and badger championship. The biggest tournament is the US open championship, during this tournament the winner gets paid fifty thousand dollars. If the athlete bowls a 300 game on TV they will get a ten thousand dollar bonus and if they pick up the 7-10 split on TV they will also get a hundred thousand dollar bonus. Professional bowling involves a lot of traveling all over the world to these different competitions. Bowling is very big in Japan and in other countries. These different tournaments allow people to explore the world and see lots of cool attractions. Traveling around the world allows the athlete to meet new people and explore different cultures. In other sports they do not get to experience these different

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