Bowling Alone Book Review Essay

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Book Review

Book Review
In the article, Bowling alone, Putnam examines the culture of the modern Americans and the good life that has been eroded off the society. He points out that America has a nostalgic feeling which the people of America have not understood the context. The feeling is one that a person feels that there is something wrong within the American society. One yearns to go back to the ancient times when people care for themselves and others, where there was no crime and everyone was happy. He argues out that, such issues are important in the transformation of the modern society to one that is socially, economically moralistically and politically at peace with the people’s intrinsic
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He accuses the television of causing the society to become a society of watchers rather than being a society of doers. He addresses the psychological impasse of watching television whereby the person who is watching attaches him or herself to the characters of the show. The person is converted to be part of the character persona hence he or she substitutes the real world that has people with the television characters who are definitely fake. This culture has a great effect on the decrease of social capital through the less engagement. According to the article, generational change only accounts to about 50% of the social capital decline and from this estimate, the television accounts for 205% of the 50%. The other issues that account for the remaining percentage are not highlighted directly since one cannot figure out whether it is caused by the advancing technology or the level of intelligence in the modern society.
From the Article, the author tries to address the difference between offering theory to the existing academic peers that concentrate on what is the main cause of the phenomenon versus the public, which will be waiting to get the solution to the problem. The author provides some solutions to the problem surrounding the American society; however, he looks optimistic about the approaching realization to this kind of society. He advocates for the society to recognize and accept that there is a problem and try to

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