Bow Hunting Vs. Bow Hunter Essay

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Imagine you are walking silently through a magnificent forest, surrounded by a crisp morning air with the gentle sounds of nature all around. Bow hunting gives you the opportunity to fully and truly experience the wonders that come from untouched landscape. While you are bow hunting there is no advantage for either the predator or the prey; the playing field is equal. When the hunter succeeds they can be assured that they will always come home with the biggest and best trophy, compared to that of gun hunter. Bow hunting is superior to gun hunting in all aspects of the sport. The bow hunter has a significant advantage over other types of hunters due to their earlier start date. The earlier start date allows bow hunters to gain a good sense of where the deer will be at certain times of the day, as well as what paths the deer are most likely to travel. The additional time allows the bow hunter to already be comfortable and settled for when the deer mating season comes and when the shots start to really count. Many hunters are intimidated by the immense skill and preparation necessary to hunt with a bow. The increased skill level that is needed drives other hunters away. Meaning that, even in popular hunting spots, you will be all alone in the field; giving you the best chance to take the big buck early in the season, because nobody is there to drive away the deer or steal your kill.
As a bow hunter the opportunity to have bragging rights for shooting the best…

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