Essay on Boundary Issue in Social Work

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Boundary Issues in Social Work: Its implication for Social Workers

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Boundary issues in social Work: It implication for social workers

Reamer’s article entitled. “Boundary issues in social work: Managing dual relationships.” provides an overview of boundary issues in social work, and also stresses the fact that social work literature clearly demonstrates that ethical issues related to boundaries are among the most problematic and challenging (2003,p.121). Consequently, for Social Workers, establishing a solid professional, ethical and consistent relationship with their
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This is so because the social worker not only takes on the role of employer, but also friend. Relationship like these can easily be exploited and render the social worker ineffective and clients, psychologically scared. The reason for this is Juan’s Mother, Sylvia, might not feel comfortable talking to her “boss”/social worker about issue that could be helpful to her son, for fear of losing her job and not receiving help, which is their only mode of financial support. In addition, the social worker might loose credibility with Juan and Sylvia because of situations observed while in the social workers home. On the other hand some might find this night not see anything wrong with helping out a family in need but Social Workers in general need to learn from this occurrence and endeavor to be always cognizant of the fact that their ability to show genuine compassion and acceptance may be misconstrued by others. Consequently, Social Workers should understand culture and its function in human behavior and society, because this could have played a part in this client’s decision. In many cultures rewarding hard work and dedication is seen as honorable. Since a social worker has the grueling and sometimes daunting task of addressing clients’ many problems, the client may perceive that the Social Worker should be compensated. Conversely, some gestures made by clients may be inadvertently

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