Boundaries And Differences Between Organizational Systems And Their Environments

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Boundaries or the idea of boundaries helps to distinguish between organizational systems and their environments. Boundaries-the boarders or limits of the system-help to protect or buffer the organization’s transformation process from external disruptors (Cummings, Thomas G and Worley, Christopher G, 2015). There are no boundaries in place within the organization. Usually membership and new members’ classes serve as a buffer to the outside distractions but the recent lack of new members has all but removed the boundary.
Feedback is information regarding the actual performance or the outputs of the system (Cummings, Thomas G and Worley, Christopher G, 2015). There has not, traditionally, been feedback to the organization. The spiritual nature of the work of the Friendship Baptist Church has held a stigma that viable feedback means little to influence the quality or quantity of the work product.
The Friendship Baptist Church struggles with alignment. The internal divisions seem to repel each other rather than work in concert and harmony. The connections are usually dubious and without positive causality. Alignment is how well the system’s different parts position themselves with each other to determine effectiveness (Cummings, Thomas G and Worley, Christopher G, 2015, p. 94).
Final Assessment of Issues
• The summation of the diagnosis of Friendship Baptist Church is as follows:
• Dysfunctional Organizational Culture
• Becomes personal and can…

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