Bottled Water : The War On Tap Water Essay

813 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Since bottled water goes through several steps of purification and is often times said to be infused with vitamins and minerals, one would think it would be safe to assume bottled water is not only a healthier, but also a safer alternative to tap water. But how do we know that bottled water is as safe as it claims to be? Do we really believe everything we see through advertisements or marketing strategies that promote bottled water? The truth is, bottled water is not always as “natural” or “regulated” as it is portrayed to be. However, the large corporations play on the consumers’ fear and associate contagion with tap water by labeling it as impure and bacteria infested when in reality, most tap water is usually much safe—for us and the environment—than bottled water.
How would a corporation convince people to pay for something that they could get for free? In an attempt to do just that, bottled beverage companies have launched what author Peter Gleick is calling, “The War on Tap Water” (1). In his research Gleick found that—although an undeclared war—the bottled beverage companies are winning the battle with a dramatic incline in bottled water consumption from around 350 million gallons consumed in 1976 to nearly 9 billion gallons in 2008. Another study concluded that bottled water consumption has also surpassed that of milk and beer (Navarro 56). Many people wonder how these corporations have successfully swayed public opinion on tap water, and the answer is simple,…

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