Bottled Water In Schools Essay

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Bottled water is defined as “drinking water, often spring water, sometimes carbonated, sealed in bottles and usually certified as pure”( 1). A plastic water bottle is such a common item that it is seen by any given person in America almost every day. This simple part of everyday life should not be completely eliminated from schools because of its extreme popularity, coming in second in sales to soft drinks. Americans have purchased over eleven million dollars in bottled water, knowing that a majority of it is uncontaminated spring water, healthy and refreshing. Still, there is the aspect that these famous plastic bottles are the cause of environmental issues in landfills and the ocean. Unfortunately, the people who litter, chose not to recycle, or make the lazy mistake of tossing their plastic into the trashcan have caused the concern about whether or not the convenient bottles should be allowed for students to use at school. Although plastic water bottles are detrimental to the environment, bottled water should not be banned in schools because they contain the world’s healthiest drink, influence kids to drink more water, and are very cost efficient.
Although there are many reasons bottled water is accommodating, it is causing extreme environmental challenges. When one choses the wrong can to throw their finished can or bottle into it
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Firstly, water is very nourishing for the human body. Secondly, having this liquid in schools motivates students to drink more of it. Lastly, water is extremely cost efficient for families that cannot afford more expensive drinks. It is the obvious choice to keep bottled waters in schools because of of these reasons and many more. One learns how important bottled water is in schools. While it may not seem major, having this common liquid at the same place where children get their education is key to a healthy

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