Bottled Water And Drinking Water Essay

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For numerous years, soda was a highly popular beverage being sold in the United States, but recently bottled water has seemed to have taken over the top spot. A strategic consulting and market research firm, shows that the American consumption of water has increased by more than 68 million 8oz servings in less than a year (water, 2015). Bottled water has always been viewed as healthier than tap water. The question stands though; is bottled water somewhat healthier than tap water? Is buying bottled water worth the extra money? Is drinking tap water any worse than bottled water? Is filtering tap water worth the extra money and time rather than just drinking right out of the tap? What are the long term effects of drinking both bottled water and tap water? How does the location affect the tap water safety? This happens to be an incredibly controversial topic and has become an especially intriguing argument. What people should understand is that water is a significant part of staying healthy, so where people acquire their water should have their attention completely. Knowing exactly where water comes from and what is in it will help the consumer make the wisest choice of which water should be the best to drink. Tap water, filtered water, and bottled water can all be beneficial to a person’s health when drinking the right amount and knowing what’s in the water being consumed.
People claim that the only way for them to get the recommended amount of water is to carry a water…

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