Bottle Water Case Study

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The second largest economy, China has paid a high environmental price for the economic increase: polluted air, contaminated land, uninhabitable areas, desertification and a serious crisis of water drinking. The country has only about 6.5% of the renewable water resources of the planet to sustain one fifth of the world population. Consequently, the per capita available in the country corresponding to 1/4 of the world average.
Because of these problems the personal tastes and preferences in China are changing for bottle water over municipal tap water. Increasing the consciousness among Chinese people and the desire to avoid contracting water born disease has seen the sale of bottled water continually increase.


After decades of deprivation and conformism, Chinese consumers see expensive consumer goods as trophies for their successes. They are embracing new economic ideas and habits, devouring goods that previously were unreachable, were impossible to achieve or forbidden. At the same time, they are part of a culture of consumption and an economic system very different from those found in developed
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SPRITZER is one of the most integrated and largest bottled water production in South East Asia. Considering that the use of water is increasing a lot in the last years, this company would like to extend their global market share.
Recently, an opportunity to open a big industry in Australia to produce SPRITZER’s products appears, enabling the production of clean water and bottles and renewing the idea of sustainability. The company plans to export these products to
SPRITZER bottled water can be provided with innovative label designs and packing programs to corporations and non-profits through Malaysia and it has one of the best packaging systems available in the market. The standard shape of its bottle is narrow enough for small hands and it has a flat vase that does not tip over and does not take up unnecessary space. It also has different shapes depending on the size of the bottle, for its different users.


Water is essential to everyone, almost 60% of our body consists of water. Therefore, there are some topics that we have to analyse to make these bottles of water accessible to everyone.


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