Botkin and Gore Argument on Global Warming Essay

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Daniel Botkin and Al Gore have very different views on the issues of global warming. Botkin contends that the scare tactics used by Gore and many similar thinking environmentalists are simply a desperate means intended to alarm the public and force governments to take actions that are unnecessary and misdirected. Gore alleges that immediate action is necessary to avoid increases in the plant and animal extinction and the spread of diseases. Botkin admits that global warming is a fact, but as a scientist, he cannot agree on the severity and negative effects of the condition. While both men present compelling different arguments for their views on global warming, Gore has seized the attention of the public laymen by writing books and …show more content…
Botkin also explains that the melting or Arctic ice at the time of Eric the Red enabled the Viking to explore and settle lands of the Both Atlantic according to Emmanuel Ladurie’s book “Times of Feast, Times of Famine: A History of Climate Since the Year 1000”.
Botkin comments on the issue of glacier melting by citing an article from American Scientists that explains the melting of the Kilimanjaro glacier is related to radiant heat from the sun rather than the air temperature around the glacier which is still freezing. He also explains that professor Sarah Randolph has presented scientific information to refute the relationship between climate changes and the presence of severity of malaria and encephalitis. Botkin asserts that it is not climate change that threatens species with extinction; the destruction of their habitat is the real danger. He hopes to dispel the fears associated with global warming with careful examination of scientific facts. He believer that the factual information that he has presented ought to supersede the alarmist propaganda and fear mongering that has attempted to scare people and pressure them to making potentially dangerous and harmful decisions. Gore and Botkin present their views on global warming, and while both agree that it is a reality, their perception

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