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Botanical Garden Experience
We went to Nezahat Gökyiğit botanical garden a day in a week for 4 hours. We had many kinds of experience related education of children. Firstly, botanical garden is attractive and mysterious area.
Primary and secondary students visit the garden as a trip and observation with their class and teacher. It is possible children do activities and games. Stepping grass is free and touching soil provide students to learn with nature. There are 2 trainer, Sema Çevik and Nurhan Ay. They supplied and quite helped us about learning the plants’ secrets and their features. At the beginning of the our volunteer period, we prepared some materials for middle school students in addition to this, cutting cardboard and
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Our other station is ocaliptus tree!
Giray: This tree’s body is not covered shell. Why ? Which animal can live in this tree ? Where can we utilise ocaliptus tree ?
Children: This tree change the clothes. Koala live on this tree, is very sleepy and lazy animal. We use the ocaliptus tree for the shampoo and some body cream.
Giray: Well children, What do know about the koala and Does any koala live in this tree ?
Children: Koala is very lazy and funny animal. Leaves are food source for the koala. Its nationality is Australia.(One of the children said “ i hope i saw the koala on top of the tree”)
Giray: Ok you look carefully, where is the koala ? ( i have a puppet of koala, while children tried to find koala on the tree, i was preparing for making drama with the puppet) i made a drama activity, Hey koala is here and say hi it. Koala have woke up now and it is very hungry. Please take a ocaliptus leavas for it. Children find the ocaliptus leaves on the ground eagerly. I asked any other questions about this animal then time to say goodbye koala.
Our last station is sequoia tree, at the sama time, it is biggest tree all over the world when it is old. I showed tree Picture. Look at this tree children and it looks like 6 multitede of a residence.
As a conclusion of the activity, we played the game. All children sit down and imagine an animal as a friend for them. I give 5 corns and say “ Please, hide these

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