Botanical Garden Observations : I Am At One Of The Most Prestigious Popular Hotels On The Las Vegas

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Botanical Garden Observations On this Wednesday evening at 1800 on October 05, 2016 I am at one of the most prestigious popular hotels on the Las Vegas, NV strip. I am at the botanical garden where a new world is created with flowers and other natural resources to create wonderment for the current season; each season is changed and every year is different. While inside the botanical gardens I first want to soak up my environment with my eyes closed; I can heighten my senses to the various sounds and smells and get a varying perspective on my area. Once I experience the area with my eyes closed for about ten minutes I then want to touch as much as I can and look around. I relax and soak up the experience, the smells and how my perspective changes with that I see and not just on the smell alone. I take note of the layout in which the botanical garden has been put together; the scene and atmosphere, the various lighting, different ethnicities and languages from people visiting from all over the world, and the energy and vibes within that area. Once entering the botanical gardens with my eyes open, the first things I take note of are the various plants, flowers and shrubs; and the strategic order they have all been placed. It is known for this botanical garden to hold over 45,000 flowers at any given time. The smells I am indulging in are a mixture of sweet aromas of the flowers around me, people’s perfumes, people’s body orders and lastly the smell of the chocolate factory…

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