Botanical Beauties

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Botanical Beauties has chosen the Willamette Valley a 150-mile long valley in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States as an ideal place to grow perennials. There are far more profound ecological and environmental reasons for the use of perennials rather than annuals in food production systems. Botanical Beauties has 10 acres of land which they use for production. In the winter months, production is relocated in a sizeable greenhouse for output and propagation. Botanical Beauties employs a drip irrigation system for all of its plants.
Botanical Beauties offers a range of herbaceous perennials these are plants root structure remains, allowing the plant to regrow every year. Botanical Beauties have chosen perennials for
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It has been used for years in alternative medicine to support the immune system, and as a blood purifier, especially during season change and during the cold and flu season. Scientific studies have confirmed the presence of natural chemicals, which increase white blood cell activity. Test tube and animal studies had found that various constituents of Echinacea can increase antibody production, raise white blood cell counts, and stimulate the activity of key white blood cells (EBSCO CAM Review, B. 2015).
Ginseng stimulates and increases endocrine activity in the body. Promotes a mild increase in metabolic activity and relaxes heart and artery movements. Stimulates the medulla centers and relaxes the central nervous system.
St. John’s Wort has its use as medicinal for thousands of years, studies for its medicinal value has been recent. Agricultural St. John’s wort is used in the treatment of anxiety, mild to moderate depression, stomach upset, insomnia, fluid retention, and
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They should invest plenty of energy in building those relationships and setting Botanical Beauties as a reliable vendor. Because of Botanical Beauties healthy plants, this is of importance on the production side to the lowing of pest counts, more stable root structures, and high biomass. The high concentration of active botanicals is a benefit to the client because they are purchasing the plants precisely for the active botanicals. The high levels are valuable to Botanical Beauties because of the increase of botanicals produced per plant or by acre, increasing the production capacity, thereby increasing their return on investment and increasing the attractiveness of their plants rising above the

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