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Boston is being threatened by the increasing use of drug. The number of arrests related to drugs is continuously on the rise. It also implies a huge inestimable underground ‘black market’ of drugs running through the city. Boston’s Mayor Raymond Flynn is looking to take the drug problem head-on. He enforced various ‘anti-drug’ and ‘drug-education’ programmes but quick and substantial profits were increasing drug-trafficking and attracting illegal drug dealers. This time Mayors policy advisor Neil Sullivan and Marc Zegan initiated a research program to create a plan to ‘de-market’ the drug in Boston. Harvard Business School’s four member field study group came up with a research design and analysis. Problem Definition
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Movie stars are not considered credible by them, instead they relate with kids in a realistic commercial which is not far-fetched. Community programs could give the needed diversion to drug use. 3) Mission Hill Boys (Exhibit 8):- Drug users should take up some activity. They consider educational programs through drug specialist or policeman more credible. They also like being related to a story. 4) Mission Hill Girls (Exhibit 9):- They are aware of the negative effects of drugs. Friends influence them in about drugs. They listen to radio and watch television. Showing consequences of drug use can deter its use. 5) Dorchester Boys, Age 14-18:- Drug pushers are rampant in the city. Peer pressure is high to do drugs. They react to mail and radio advertisement. This age group considers itself mature and wants to be treated like adult. 6) Charlestown Boys, Age 14-18:- They consider various sportsperson take drugs. This group shows greater awareness of drugs. 7) Roxbury Girls, Age 14-18:- They seemed to suggest that educating little kids would be helpful. Discussion groups would also be helpful. Advertisements were considered to be less effective. 8) Mission Hill Girls, Age 14-18:- They showed concern about behaviour of drug-users. They also referred to practise of kids blindly doing drugs because their friends and parents do.
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