Born Into Big Shoes Essay

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Born Into Big Shoes
Before I begin writing, I must preface this by defining a few terms in the manner that I use them. Throughout this article, I will be using the word “stereotype” very loosely to describe the generalized form of how [my] culture is defined; it’d be far too lengthy and complicated to talk about how others see Asians without using a generalization or two (or three).
Towards the end of 7th grade, I was tired of having piss poor vision, and my mom got me my first pair of prescription glasses. From the moment I put them on, I felt very uncomfortable and insecure wearing them, not because they looked bad on me, but because I hated how people reacted when I wore them. The glasses seemed to magnify not only vision but also the expectations people held for me academically. Kids began to tell me I looked “smart,” “nerdy,” and even “good at ping pong.” These labels couldn’t have been further from the truth; for starters, I’m terrible at ping pong. The words “smart” or “intelligent” no longer feel like a compliment to me, but rather a validation of the very stereotypes I’ve tried so hard to avoid. There is some truth to the stereotypes, however. As a whole race, Asians do statistically fare better in academics, by virtue of their GPA and test scores, scoring nearly 50 points higher on the SAT than any other races. There has never been any definitive proof, however, that Asians are more ‘intelligent’ than any other races. Rather, I think this discrepancy can be…

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