Born And Raised On The City Of Gold Coast Essay

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Born and raised on the City of Gold Coast I had little understanding of the ways of Aboriginal people. I didn’t come in contact with many indigenous while growing up. There may have been one or two Torres strait islanders in my class but I never really paid much attention to where they came from I just treated them like other class mates. This didn’t help me broaden my knowledge of their culture, as we never discussed it. During primary school we learnt some of the Dream Time stories and the their different ways of living. However, not until high school did we learn what truly happened to Aboriginals. We watched eye-opening movies such as ‘The Rabbit Proof Fence’ that started more questions about the aboriginal culture, why they were treated so badly and what is different about it today. This just shows how ignorant I have lived regards to the knowledge of indigenous culture.
Coming into this course I had little understanding of what I was expecting, as it was a core subject and I was required to attended I didn’t read the subject description or details before attending the first lecture. My only guess was the naming of the subject. My thoughts went to learning about the protocols of meeting aboriginals and how to properly talk and act around them as I knew from prior knowledge that there was a certain way you treated the older and more respected aboriginals. Another thought was that we would learn the practices of being like how, when and what should be used to hunt, cook…

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