Borderline Personality Disorder

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The Case study that this writer conducted for this Research paper was trying to analyzed this subjects behavior and applied the theory that writer believe are closely related to this case and also provide evidence as of how this behavior is similar to the theory and why writer agree with this theory based on all the behavior characteristic that this subjects display.

A clinical example illustrates symptoms of a patient with borderline personality disorder in a family practice setting. Major characteristics of borderline personality disorder include severe mood instability, fear of abandonment, chronic boredom, self-injury, unstable interpersonal relationships, "splitting," identity instability and borderline rage. Early diagnosis may help
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After reading Melanie Klein theory of personality, writer agrees with the Borderline Personality. Another major issue is her inability to handled stressful situation and handled having to make her own decision in major events in life, such as seeking for another job for example, instead of stay in a place where she does not feel comfortable. She also displays an specific lack of control on the emotions which is closely related to Splitting an manifestation of ego weaknesses, those lack of impulses are specific in certain areas of the subject life , for example, are more in depth in terms of partner relationships and family dynamic , however, when it’s comes to a professional or educational the subject is able to control her emotions better.

As of the reasons for her behavior, writer can deducted from Freud Theory of Personality that a person past experience can determined later personality, in this case , the young lady grow up in a dysfunctional family with the absence of a father figure and a mother with limited of time and lack of knowledge to fully understand her daughter
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Studies has been show that patients with Borderline Personality Disorder used higher percentages of an action, borderline, narcissist and hysterical defenses along with lower levels of mature and obsession defense, and comparing this subject with those behavior , based on those factors researched can conclude that the subject that might be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. Also Clinical material from a long analysis illustrates how a psychotic patient used the reversible perspective, with its static splitting, to abolish the experience of time. When the subject improved and the reversible perspective became less effective for him, he replaced it with a more dynamic splitting mechanism using time gaps. With further improvement, the patient began to experience the passage of time and along with it the excruciating pain of separation, envy, and

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