Borderline Personality Disorder In Psychology

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Clinical psychologists treat those who show symptoms of abnormal behavior. Clinical psychologists look for unusual patterns in behavior, emotion, and thoughts in order to diagnose someone with a mental illness or psychiatric disorder. One such psychiatric disorder is borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is characterized by intense fluctuations in mood, self-image, and interpersonal relationships (Sue, D., Sue, D. W., & Sue 2010). People who suffer from this personality disorder tend to be impulsive, show chronic feelings of emptiness, and tend to form unstable and intense interpersonal relationships (Sue, D., Sue, D. W., & Sue 2010). To further investigate this paper, it will discuss aggression and the various ways in which it relates …show more content…
In BPD, there are numerous outcomes to look for in why BPD causes someone to develop aggressive behavior. It has been indicated that BPD is mostly diagnosed in women, however I believe the reason why women are more likely to be diagnosed is probably because they look for help. However, just because women are more likely to be diagnose does not imply that all women will be diagnosed. Most research that I found the participants were women, one future study that can contribute to BPD is if diagnosing someone with BPD can be biased, because although there is a numerous abnormal behavior someone might consider them a form of character and imply it as “normal”. For instance, one study can view gender difference from those who been diagnosed. An assessment can be done asking if they seek for help, how often do they see a therapist or go to therapy. The assessment can be a form of a survey. This study can survey men and women asking them questions like: do you feel comfortable seeing a therapist? Do you prefer seeking treatment or consuming medications? How often do you see your therapist? Do you see any improvements in behaviors and the way you approach situations? Do feel that you can handle stressful situations? How often do show unstable emotions? There are numerous questions that an assessment can be ask to identify if men or women are more like to seek therapy. Another factor that can play a role is culture, gender roles and socioeconomic status; and I believe future studies should imply these variables in their future studies. BPD tends to be diagnosed in adults and not children, however in some cases symptoms can appear at a younger age. According to Mayo Clinic (2015) the ages affected can start as early as 6 years old, but it 's important to consider numerous factors such as hormonal changes, social and environmental trauma, and genetics before diagnosing someone

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