Boral Roof Tiles Case Study

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Look for Boral roof tiles when it comes to new roofing installation

If you’ve found yourself in the position of needing a new roof for your home and business you’ve probably come to realize that there are a few options available. Some you can eliminate right away because they’re out of your budget range or perhaps they’re not the best option for your climate and environment. Regardless, you’ve probably noticed Boral roof tiles. Boral roof tiles can be one of the best choices no matter where you live or which type of roof you are needing to retile.
These are some of the best aspects of Boral roof tiles:
Design options –
No matter what you are roofing you will always want to have options. You want to be able to pick a tile design and color
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In most cases this will mean 15 to 20 years before needing a replacement. The Boral terracotta tiles shatter this record and offer a staggering 50 year performance guarantee. If you want a tile roof that will last then you should go with the terracotta tiles. The concrete tiles last the typical 20 years which is still good if you prefer their appearance. All of the Boral tires are specially designed to be capable of withstanding harsh environments including use near oceans and salt water. In most cases both tiles will last longer than guaranteed so you know you are using a product that will …show more content…
They will not rust or otherwise corrode and will only need to be cleared of debris when it starts to accumulate. In most cases this can be done with a high pressure water hose. If something happens and some of the tiles do become damaged it is easy to replace the tiles with new ones. Once replaced your roof will be good as new. This is a great advantage over much of the metal sheet roofing that is commonly seen.
Highly resistant –
One of the greatest benefits to the Boral tiles is how resistant they are to climate and local conditions. Both the concrete tiles and the terracotta tiles are salt-safe making them ideal for homes and businesses near the ocean, and are frost-resistant so that they hold up well during the winter months or colder climates. Of course if you live on the ocean you are familiar with the havoc that salt can wreck on nearly everything it touches. Your tiles will be more prone to salt attack but should be unaffected by it since they are all exposure grade and created to endure the salt exposure.
Noise reduction

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