Booston Tea Party: The Boston Tea Party

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It was the night of December 16, 1773, 342 chests of tea that belonged to the East India Company were thrown into Boston harbor by American Patriots. Americans were throwin this tea into the harbor because we were going to lose money. Britain was selling this tea for a low price so they can make more money for themselves. Ships carrying the tea were refused permission to dock in New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston. By these men doing this it showed the British what all the colonist thought about the Tea Act. Sam Adams had the bright idea that he thought everyone should have a couple drinks before they do this. All of the colonists acting like this made the British to think the colonies were not mature enough or ready to be on their own as a country. Gov. Thomas Hutchinson wanted to have a town meeting of December 16. Samuel Adams exclaimed that the meeting could do nothing more to save the country. With the cry of “Boston harbor a tea-pot this night,” the patriots streamed down to the waterfront, where, surrounded by an immense crowd of spectators, they made short work of the tea.

The Boston Tea Party was called “the boldest stroke which has yet been struck in America.” This put the most radical patriots in command throughout America. Britain tried to single out Massachusetts for punishment served only to unite
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So many were afraid of punishment so they all remained anonymous for many years. To this date it is known that 116 people are documented to have participated. Many people carried their secret to the grave and never told a soul. Most of the helpers were from Boston or close to Boston, but we have records that some people came as far away as Worcester in central Massachusetts and Maine. Vast majority was of English descent, but men of Irish, Scottish, French, Portuguese and African ancestry were all documented. All of these people were of all ages, but majority was under

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