Book Banning In Schools

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Book Banning In Schools Have you ever been in a school library looking for a specific book to read and you couldn’t find it? Have you ever asked your librarian why you couldn’t find it? Has you librarian ever told you that it was banned from the school library? Do you know that feeling? That feeling of loss when you realise you favorite book has been banned and you won’t be able to find it and read it. That feeling when you hear about a book and instantly want to read it. That disappointed feeling you have when you can’t find it. Has that ever happened to you? Book banning in schools should be stopped because it doesn’t help prepare students for adult life, discourages normal teenage behavior, books are being banned unfairly. Have you ever …show more content…
In the beginning it was understandable. Parents didn’t want their children to read majorly inappropriate books. Now, though, parents and teachers have gotten a little crazy. Books are being banned unfairly in schools just because a couple parents didn’t like their content. For example, To Kill a Mockingbird was banned in some schools in America because some parents thought that it was supporting and encouraging white supremacy. To Kill a Mockingbird is a popular book all around. Plenty of kids enjoy reading it. Plenty of people would disagree with this claim. Do you think the people who thought the book was ok got a say in whether or not to ban it? No. They didn’t. If they had the book might still be in schools. To ban a book you only need three reasons to do it. Anyone can make up three reasons of why a book should be banned. Where the Wild Things Are is another book that was banned. You might be thinking, ‘Why? This is a child’s book. There is nothing wrong with it.’ Apparently despite what most people think, a few parents thought that this book was to dark for children to be reading. Sure, the book may be a little dark, but that is no reason to ban it from a school library. You may think that it is inappropriate, but other parents might not. Other parents might be ok with their child reading Where the Wild Things Are. If you don’t your child to read that book, then instead of banning it, tell your child that they are not allowed to read it. The Scarlet Letter was banned in school because it conflicted with someone’s values. If a book is conflicting with your values, don’t read it. Just because it is conflicting your values doesn’t mean that it is conflicting with others values. Every single person on this entire planet has different values. Not everyone is the same. Schools need to stop thinking that. Again if you don’t want your child to read something, don’t let them read it! Books should not be banned based on a few

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