Essay on Books Like A Professor, By Thomas C. Foster

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Chapter one of the novel, "How To Read Novels Like a Professor", by Thomas C. Foster, discusses the importance of page one of a novel. He explains how many literacy elements can be identified in the first page of a novel and even the first paragraph. He goes on to state the important literacy devices that should be identified in a novel. These include: style, tone, mood, diction, point of view, time management, place, motif, theme, and characters. It also includes the narrative prescense and the narrative attitude if any. There is also a huge importance to the hook, or the way the author chooses to draw the reader in so that they are interested in reading more. Every novel has different instructions on how to read it, they just have to be identified. In chapter two, it is stated that reading is basically the interaction between the writer and the reader. It goes on to say that because of this the setting has a huge significance to this interaction. Places in a work of fiction aren 't ever real, but it is important that they are treated as if they are. Some settings in novels may be examples or representations of places that are real, but they are never real. Each setting has to fit and appease the role of the characters in the story. The setting also cannot have too many details, but just enough to keep the reader believe it is real. The reader should also be able to fill in the blanks on information that is not included in the setting by the information that the…

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