Booker T. Washington The Civil War Essay

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As the majority of slaves were black and before the Civil War, Booker T. Washington was the child of a slave; therefore, he was born into slavery. While Booker was apart of slavery he had to endure the same demands from irrational slave owners, but unlike the majority of slaves after the Civil War, he chose to complete school. Booker chose to respect rather than upset his unpleasant slave owners who forced booker to complete their demands in their manner or else consequences were handed down for not meeting their standards. Booker dealt with slavery in a very mature manner that almost all slaves lacked during his time. Booker chose to attempt to influence other blacks to accept racial discrimination and react by concentrating on enriching themselves. Booker was an influential leader who transformed the Harlem Renaissance immensely by influencing others to accept racial discrimination and react to it by focusing on working hard and enriching themselves.
Booker was born on April 5, 1856 in Franklin County, Virginia. Booker’s mothers name was Jane and she worked as a cook for James Burroughs, whom was a plantation and slave owner. Booker’s father was not present in his life in his upbringing. His father was a white man that most likely worked and lived near Booker and his mother in Franklin County.
As a kid, Booker grew up living in a small, one-room cabin that was also the kitchen of the plantation that his mother Jane worked for. Since Booker was a child, he went to work…

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