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After reading a couple chapters of this book I have came to the conclusion that it shows you a lot of strong points on how Thomas L Friedman thinks about the world. He explains why it all is happening and how the international system is transforming the world affairs. It also shows you all the things that he said in his book that they would come true and some of those things actually did come true.
This books helps you understand about how globalization is working and why it is happening. It also shows and tells you how the world reacts to it and what the bad and good thing about globalization.

In the first part of the book of the books it explains what the title ‘Lexus’ and ‘’olive tree’’ means. The Lexus stands for half the world
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That are just some of the rules you need to follow to be apart from the group.

That for me was one of the most important questions because it shows you how hard it is to have a stable economy. You have to hold on so many rules and other things to get into a group.
When I was getting deeper in the book it was telling other things about the economy, the one that caught my eye was the one about the golden arch theory. Which basically means. Thomas L. Friedman said that no two countries with McDonald's within their borders have ever been in a war since having a McDonald's. It’s because countries that are economically middle class have too much at stake to go to war. I feel that it is a good point because the middle class people have more to worry about then to go to war. They have to work hard for their money so that's what they are focusing on.
At the end of the book it was talking about some other important parts like what is a groundswell and the groundswell is propelled by millions of workers that have been knocked down by globalization. They are the people who will always try and work harder to be a port of the system of globalization, even if they got told no they will try even harder to be a part of it.
I really think that those people

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