Catching Fire: Book And Movie Comparison

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Book and Movie Comparison/Contrast Guide (p. 2)

Plot Events:

Mags’ death book- In the book Finnick, Katniss, Peeta, and Mags are running away from the poisonous fog. Finnick is carrying Mags. Peeta gets hit by the fog and can no longer run. Finnick gives Mags to Katniss and carries Peeta. Katniss tries to carry Mags but, she falls. Finnick can’t carry both Mags and Peeta. Mags kisses Finnick and walks into the fog, so the others don’t have to try to carry her. This occurs on pages 135 and 136. The book is in Katniss’ point of view.“The fog has moved in on us...Something is wrong with Peeta's legs; he's trying to walk but they
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On page 51 the author of Catching Fire, a peace keeper, (a solider from the capital that is supposed to keep citizens in line says, “He was poaching.” Later on page 52 katniss says, “Gale must've gone to Cray's house, as he's done a hundred times, knowing Cray always pays well for a wild turkey. Instead he found the new Head Peacekeeper, a man they heard someone call Romulus Thread...Thread put Gale under immediate arrest and, of course, since he was standing there holding a dead turkey, there was little Gale could say in his own defense… sentenced to a whipping to be carried out …show more content…
One major thing about the plan that is in the movie that is not in the books is the fact the the bread that Katniss and her allies received in the arena was a code for the time of the escape. This is explained on page 175. Katniss says, “The bread we received in the arena was code for the time of the rescue. The district where the bread originated indicated the day. Three. The number of rolls the hour. Twenty-four.” movie- In the movie when Plutarch explains the plan he doesn’t mention the bread . Plutarch says, “ Katniss, you have been our mission from the beginning. The plan was always to get you out. Half of the tributes were in on it. This is the revolution and you are the mockingjay. And we are on our way to district 13 right now.”
That shows how in the book they mention the bread and in the movie they don’t.

Katniss getting

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