Book Vs Movie Analysis

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There seems to be nothing better than a good book or a good movie. If that is the case then how come there never seems to be a good movie based on a book? Could it be because there was not any actor who could match the description of the character perfectly? Maybe it was because there was so much information in the book they were able to take away a few details to help with time management for the movie. However, there is a difference to editing for time management and changing the storyline. In “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer there are many differences between the book and the movie including; the cave, the car scenes, how we perceived the Seeker, the relationships formed by Wanda, and Wanda’s past lives. When someone first read’s the book we are not properly introduced …show more content…
For example at the very beginning of the movie we see Wanda ask a man for his car as she tries to get away from the seeker. While Melanie calls it a neat trick Wanda explains how her people are trustworthy of each other and always see the good in others. Another car seen was when Jared and the others were on a raid at the beginning of the movie and being chased by a group of Seekers. Not to be caught by the seekers one of the trucks races down the highway and crashes head on into cement wall. Some of the changes were not necessary to make the movie but it did add some more drama into it. In the movie, the Seeker is shown almost right away that there is a person still inside of her. The Seeker is shown as a bossy woman who can not seem to accept the evidence shown before her that Wanda is ‘dead.’ She is also shown to do whatever means necessary to prove herself right and to get rid of the remaining human population. We can assume that she is doing this to prove that she is not weak. From proving that she is not weak she ends up killing another Seeker in the process and murdering a human, so she could prove that she was

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