Book Review Essay

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Achieving success, whether it is in a personal, social, or professional setting, is often the end goal of most human efforts. Most of the time, acquiring that success requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Yet it is often difficult to maintain the continual motivation needed to overcome the frequent obstacles and setbacks that litter the road to success. C.P Neck’s and C. Manz’s book, Mastering Self-Leadership: Empowering Yourself for Personal Excellence, explores strategies and tools to strengthen the key attribute that provides sustenance for an individual’s motivation, self-leadership. The tools encompass ideas such as world-altering strategies, natural reward system, and positive thinking. While each is a different, unique …show more content…
All of the strategies discussed throughout the text provide different methods with how one can improve upon his/her personal leadership skills. I found that I have been subconsciously using many of the strategies for the better part of my life. I found the many surveys and self-inflections strewn throughout the text very useful in gauging my personal use of the methods, and they caused opinions to form on each method’s usefulness. The world-altering strategies were those that I found most useful. Too often, I have found myself studying for exams in the comfort of my living room, or den. Here, distractions are too readily present; for example, the television, the kitchen, and roommates are often the main causes of my procrastination from studying. By simply changing one of the rooms upstairs into an office, coupled with spending more time at the library, I have vastly increased the efficiency of my studying abilities. I removed the negative cues from my immediate surroundings. Two strategies that I believe could also prove useful, if combined, are the natural reward and fitness strategies. Studying while riding the stationary bike, or listening to audio lectures while running would provide an environment in which I improve my fitness, thereby increasing my energy and focus, as well as increasing my proclivity for studying. If I can associate studying with a positive, natural reward such as exercise, I should find studying more enjoyable, thereby

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