Essay on Book Review "Whatever Happened to the Real America?"

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Chapter 1 (What Happened to the Real America? An Introduction), In this chapter Dr. Gosine uses the interaction theory. He tells you why he is writing his book and what it is going to be about. He states "My primary concern in it is to compare traditional America with modern America and ascertain what went wrong, if anything, especially in the recent past." A lot of social thinkers along with Dr. Gosine agree that "America has changed and not necessarily for the better." American standards of life and its beliefs in the words that all men are created equal and that it is still a land of opportunity may still have some holdings in American society but it is not totally accurate. With laws limiting the freedoms Americans have we as a …show more content…
Now we will discuss the Romans who contributed things like the code of Justinian which lawyers use today, they organized the Catholic Church, and many of its sculptures can still be seen today. What lead to its down fall? Inadequate leadership is one reason, religion more notably Christianity which turned there citizens attention to the afterlife, and also through imperialism its military was simply too big for it to keep going. The last society we will discuss is European who contributed banking and credit facilities, factory systems, specialized labor as well as the start of modern capitalism. This society fell from both internal and external factors. Dr. Gosine tells us what he means by internal and external factors. "By internal factors, I am referring to certain activities and events that were taking place in Europe at the time." "By external factors, I am referring to things beyond the geographical and ecological confines of Europe." One of the factors was the many challenges it faced from the world such as the American rise technologically, militarily and culturally. It also fell from a rise in nationalism which created conflict between European powers of the time. There was also the dwindling economic resources which made them unable to support there military arsenals. We will be discussing the similarities or parallels the United States

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