Essay on Book Review : Tow Kinds By Ammy Tan

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“You could be anything you want to be in America”… this is the main ideology that many immigrant parents hope for their children’s futures. This hope would turn into a major conflict that characterize the short story Tow Kinds, written by Ammy Tan. In the story, the main character 's mother, Suyuan, tries hard to find the wright way that would lid to her daughter success. She strongly believes that her daughter, Jing, would be someone very famous and important only because she lives in America. Jing is a child raised in America by her mother who had lost everything in China, and being in America turns to be her only hope in life. For Sue this country is the place were nothing is impossible and every dream can come true. She tries to find the perfect niche that would make Jing’s famous and known by the world. Her strong attitude towards success created an overwhelming amount of pressure for Jing.
Two Kinds is part of The Joy Lucky Club novel. The narrator is a Chinese American girl who is locked in a struggle over her identity with her Chinese immigrant mother, who believes “that you could be anything you wanted to be in America.” She describes her selves as a person who had a threatening childhood that was full of pain and resentment due to her mother’s desire for having a genius daughter. Suyuan felt certain that Jing-mei could become a prodigy if only she tried hard enough. She became even more determined when she tried to find her daughter’s hidden inner talent. Nothing…

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