Upton Sinclair's The Factual Jungle

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The Factual Jungle When Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle” he simply wanted a better-work environment and not for people to question what they were consuming. I believe that what Upton Sinclair wrote about the meat packing factories and the conditions of life in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s is true. Jurgis and his family lived their life similar to the actual real families in the height of this era according to Biennial Report of 1890. Even what Jurgis experienced everyday while working in Packingtown is the same environment that is described in the Harper Weekly article The President and the Meat-Packers.
In chapter four of The Jungle the women had seen an article that a four-room house was for sale. When they met the realtor he only showed them the outside of the house and not the inside. When Jurgis read over the contract he found out that it was a rental (Sinclair, 50). If they failed to pay rent; then, they would be evicted and have nowhere to live. In the contact it also had extra payments that was not disclosed to the women when they signed it, putting more pressure on Jurgis to work more and also forcing some of the women and younger members of the family to look for a job. Comparing this situation that they
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In the first section John R. Rathom writes about how the Unions are fighting for higher wages, and it is not just the unskilled workers going on strike, even the highly paid Butchers are out striking with the unskilled workers. Rathom talks about how they thought some foreman would want to “get back” at personal enemies, such as like how Conner made sure that everyone in Ona’s family and especial Jurgis, would not be hired every again in Packingtown (Sinclair, 150).Rathom explains that thousands of people, locally, nationally, and international rely on the meat packers, for food

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