Book Review: Our Iceberg Is Melting Essay

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Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

John Kotter and has produced a great book that contains a wealth of wisdom and insight. While it looks and reads like a simple book, it is anything but simple. The message which Kotter is able to make clear goes much deeper than the surface story of a colony of penguins in search of answers pertaining to their survival on an iceberg. He easily describes a scenario through a penguin colony that any person can relate to and think about in a more in-depth manner.
The fable is entertaining and interesting and deals with how a penguin colony deals with change that has become inevitable if they are to survive. The story revolves around a penguin colony in Antarctica
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The personality that stands out the most feels that even though he is not in a powerful position, his discoveries should be brought to the attention of the head penguin and the leadership council. While this all may sound somewhat silly, the message is the same as if you were speaking of people in business. Have you ever noticed anything in your job that should have been brought to the attention of upper management? Did you have the self-confidence or support to feel that you could? What happened if you did?
What happens in Kotter's fable is the process of change management and he speaks through the penguin characters on how to deal with these changes. The eight steps for managing change according to the author are:
1) Creating a sense of urgency to deal with the difficult problem
2) Forming a committee to handle change
3) Explaining the vision and the necessity for the change
4) Design a plan of action
5) Showing some results in the short-term
6) Clearing obstacles along the way
7) Empowering everyone concerned
8) Persisting with change
Through the observation of one penguin (or person in real life scenario, of course), a whirlwind of activity is created. A smaller group of penguins is formed to scout new places to live. This could be compared to a small research committee perhaps who is looking into a new benefits

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