Book Review Of Napoleon's Expedition To Russia

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Register to read the introduction… He also added new states to the empire: the kingdom of Westphalia, under his brother Jerome, the duchy of Warsaw, and others.

Evaluation of Sources:

The first book I evaluated was NapoleonÂ’s Expedition to Russia-the memoirs of General de Segur edited by C.J. Summerville. The source gave an excellent first hand account of NapoleonÂ’s generalship on the battlefield. It is a first hand account of General Count Philippe de Segur; the man who led France into Russia for there campaign against Russia. He was able to study Napoleon closely, often being in the same quarters as him on the battlefield.

The first publication of his memoirs was published in Paris in 1924, about three years after NapoleonÂ’s death. They had a ripple effect through France and Europe, through their vividness of and the war that killed a million people in a span of six months. By 1927 they were translated into eight different languages and distributed all over Europe. The one problem with these original publications is their massive size, they spanned two whole volumes and were very
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Segur really described how Napoleon prepared for battle and introduced the reader to the ways that Napoleon worked. I felt this book was extremely well written, and I feel if it wasnÂ’t for Segur many would a have a much smaller understanding of Napoleon.

The second source I evaluated was The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte written by Robert Asprey. This source gave a very detailed account of NapoleonÂ’s planning for battle and the usefulness of all his aides. The main focus of the source was his early battles and his rise to supreme power, topics pertinent to my investigation. This source is one of the most recently published books about Napoleon and it has a very modern writing style, which made reading a little easier.

The author is an ex-marine and veteran of two wars. His writing has a very dry and powerful feel and is often influenced by the authorÂ’s views. The book builds Napoleon up to be an amazing figure and barely mentions any of his faults. This source tremendously helped me with my topic with its great detail of every battle but to learn about Napoleon this is not the source for you.

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