Book Review of Apostles of Disunion Essay

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Maya Austell
January 31, 2012
Book review
Apostles of Disunion

The way Charles B. Dew opened up this book was touching and smart. He and I share the same qualities in thinking about issues by looking at things from both sides, and in ways that haven’t been discussed or thought about. He was a born and raised southerner, and told of his up bringing in the south. His ancestors fought and died for the Confederacy. Although it may seem that he should be a die-hard supporter of the Confederate, he openly looked at this issue at hand and dissected the facts. He also had actual documents, speeches, and writings that supported his these views. He said “I believe deeply that the story these documents tell is one that all of us,
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This book showed the mentality of the south back then. They thought nothing of slavery being wrong and reasoned it being ok with God. This type of “brain washing” is a very dangerous one. Judge Alexander Hamilton Handy, Mississippi’s commissioner to Maryland, said “Slavery was ordained by God and sanctioned by humanity.” (pg.33) I don’t have that may complaints about this book. As I started reading further about the first wave of the Alabaman and Mississippian secession, then the South Carolinians, next Alabamans, and then the mission to Virginia; I wish that he could have added more documents that supported speeches or writings from northerners of the Union.

Usually when I hear the word Confederate I think of racism, the Klan, slavery, and the bad things that went on with that, but thanks to Charles Dew, I never read the actual documents and speeches of these secession commissioners until now. As I was reading I started to realize that these same reservations of slavery and racial inequality are the founding principles of the Ku Klux Klan today. The patterns that these commissioners used are the same patterns that I see in 2012. Needless to say, it was obvious that they were racist, but I think that they took it to a higher position, and because of that, racism is still a big issue. Racism now is not only with African Americans, but with other races as well. Especially since 9/2011, everyone including blacks, have frowned upon

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