Book Review : ' Let Me Drive ' Essay

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“Come on Lacy, we are going to Michael’s Bridal Shop. I’m lucky. Yesterday’s newspaper said they are having their yearly bridal gown sale. They have dozens on sale for $99. How is that for a bargain? I want to find one with ruffles and a V-neckline. Hurry before they are picked over. I bet they will be crowded this morning.”
“Let me drive, Lacy. There is something I want you to see on the way.” Tacy started the car and handed Lacy a small black velvet box.
The box contained a woman’s heart shaped pin filled with clear shiny stones.
“It’s sure covered with large stones. Are they real?” asked Lacy as her eyes widened. “Where did you get this?”
“Yes, Lacy. Chris doesn’t have money for a diamond engagement ring so we are going to exchange small gold bands. This pin belonged to his grandmother, and once we can afford it, we will have an engagement ring made from the stones. In fact, I bet there’s enough to also have a pendant and maybe even earrings. Isn’t it the most beautiful brooch you’ve ever seen?”
“So these are real diamonds?
“Yes. Chris says his grandmother had beautiful jewelry. She left pieces to all the grandchildren in her will. She wanted each grandchild to have a piece or two when they married. Each grandchild received their selected pieces on their eighteenth birthdays. Chris kept the pin locked in his parent’s safety deposit box.”
“It has more diamonds than anything I have ever seen. And they are so large. You will not only have a necklace and earrings, you will…

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